Monday, 21 November 2011

Are you sure it should be that Colour?

Here is a post in response to the 100 word challenge for grown ups.

It is on the excellent Head's Office site.
You can find that here...

Also worth a look is Julia's place site... 

Here is the post...

Earth looks tiny as I glide across the starry heavens and the glare of a billion galaxies form my winking, knowing backdrop. No-one alive has ever seen me- I came up here so long, long ago. Now I watch. I watch you rise and rise like we never did. However, progress costs. Your world- are you sure it should be that colour?
I shudder at muddy brown spreading across lakes and oceans once blue. Lurking misty grey taints what I remember as pure, clear air. There are smears of viscous and vicious black across the ancient snows that were once pearl white. Verdant grass no longer gleams in morning dew because it lies crushed under choking ribbons of tar.  I moan as my tiny craft pirouettes across your sky but I can do nothing to make you hear, to make you understand.
All you’ve got.
Are you sure it should be that colour?