Thursday, 19 May 2016

What is it all about?

This week, I have been wrestling with a conscious decision. I know, I know, I do more wrestling than writing.

But having the current work in progress was built around a character who in turn was based upon my dad's impression of himself. When I was pondering what to write next, I had to face up to admitting to myself that there is a wider meaning to this story. My previous published work has often been about avoiding saying anything much. But this time, maybe it is time to cross a boundary. I am going to have to make a choice. Do I write in the full knowledge of what this story is truly about or do I revert back to pretending it is all about nothing in particular? A real work or another whimsical tale?

Maybe the choice is about happiness as opposed to security.

Maybe the choice is courage or cowardice.

Deep inside, the choice is made but now it is time for action.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Artistic Tantrum

So, what does it mean to be an indie writer?

 I made the leap to become one but I find myself struggling to keep being one. My current project has one event at its heart and has grown haphazardly from there. When I read it over I think it is OK. But the commitment to writing more of it is hard to come by.
My biggest aim was to write a novel and I did that OK. But now I have, I have to work out the what and why of my ambitions. Giving myself permission to write is quite a struggle, especially with a full family life.
I think about trying to write something else; I notice that other indie authors write more commercially. But a few experiments in that have been short lived as I notice that I am boring myself.
I know you won't have an answer for me! That can only come from within. So I will keep examining, keep working towards my new goal. I am trying to tell myself 'Expression is better than repression. '
I guess I must let that journey begin.